Get inside the heads of people currently enjoying passive income from real estate investing, financial techniques like money lending and advanced investments, top 1% network marketing, online sales funnels and affiliate marketing, blogging, online courses, podcasting, writing and selling books, and more!  

Crave intimate teaching and mentorship from those who have already done what you're hoping to do? Here is your chance!  

This course offers invaluable "golden nuggets" of wisdom mentorship plus nuts & bolts training. 

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7 Pillars of Passive Income Course
Ready to stop trading your time for money, and create a residual cash-flow machine that fits your skills, talents, and resources?  Wishing you had mentors to guide you?

Through engaging video lessons and worksheets, this course will allow you to evaluate all the options and choose the best fit(s) for you, then teach you the most strategic things to focus on. 

Through the real-life experiences of a world-class expert team you can't find anywhere else, you'll be set up to win by avoiding analysis paralysis and overwhelm, cruise safely around expensive & time-consuming pitfalls, and become equipped to watch out for and overcome the most common frustrations and roadblocks that cause most (lesser) people to quit!  

Best yet, receive the personal confidence and encouragement you need to take a calculated leap of faith and pursue the worthy goal of building freedom-generating passive income. Do it with our help. Do it for yourself, your family, and the next generation.

Learn to build one (or more) cash-flow pillar(s) with this course today!

Co-Creators / Experts:
As he speaks internationally, hangs out with the super-affluent, and trains first-timers to get their hands dirty in cash-flow real estate, Mike Wolf has been asked for years by his students to compile all he has learned over two decades of experience creating residual income in the millions (with no start up money).  Desiring to pass the information to his new grandchildren, the time has come.  

He has partnered with Financial Expert & Network Marketing Pro Chris Kirkpatrick, and together they offer you the 7 most current, attainable, and consistent ways of creating passive income. 

Their course is simply invaluable if you crave a lifestyle of freedom,
 and want no-fluff, nuts and bolts techniques for how to achieve it.  
Cash-Flow Real Estate Expert "Mike Wolf Mastery" & Freedom Lifestyle Expert

Cash-Flow Real Estate Expert 
Freedom Lifestyle Expert
CEO "Mike Wolf Mastery"

Financial Strategist
Network Marketing Expert 
"The Safe-Bet Money Guy" 
Bonus Celebrity Guests / Expert Contributors:
For some extra fun and value for participants, Chris and Mike invited some friends and fellow superstar passive income earners to share know-how from each of their '"pillars" of expertise, as well as tactical steps to start you off right and avoid expensive mistakes.
Each of these hand-invited experts have real, monetized results in their pillar of expertise. Anyone who hasn't personally generated ongoing residual income was declined a chance to teach here!  

No hype, no fluff, no theory.  Learn only what really works. 
Former NFL player, 
Video Branding & Online Program Creation Expert 
TV Host, 
CEO "Launch You Now", Media & Marketing Expert
Host "The Bob Doyle Show", contributor to international bestselling book & movie "The Secret" as Law of Attraction Expert
Popular Podcast Host,
International Speaker, Amazon Bestselling Author 
PhD in Adult Education, 
Online Course Creation Expert
"The Big Dreamer", Motivational Speaker, Franchise Ownership Expert
Virtual Marketing & Social Media Mentor,  Blogging Monetization Expert
Neurolinguistic Programming Copywriter for online sales, affiliate marketing strategist & consultant, 
Sales Funnel Development Expert
How to drive online traffic through Facebook advertising and more, CEO/Consultant,
Sales Page Monetization Expert
Top Live Streamer, Social Media Strategist & Client Engagement Expert, Podcast Monetization Expert

More Special Experts - TO BE ANNOUNCED!
The Course Will Include:
+ 9+ Modules of Engaging Video Content 

+ One-on-one, in-depth interviews plus content-rich lessons from top experts

+ PDF "play-sheets" get you moving and take real action! 

+ Time-Released to watch at your leisure

The program is growing in experts and curriculum regularly!!!

Lessons on the 7 Pillars:

1. Cash-Flow Real Estate Insights
insights for beginners to seasoned pros and avoid common pitfalls  

BONUS: Profit from Money Lending
both sides of the table have something to teach us
2. Intellectual Property Sales
get paid to share your knowledge through: 
writing and selling a book | a blog site or social media
| creating and selling effective online courses | and more!

3. Affiliate / Joint Venture Partnerships
become an expert or promote someone else's product or service (nuts and bolts of how to make this work)

4. Network Marketing - 
learn to Build Your Own Asset(tm) to beat the stock market without spamming everyone you know or burning out 

5. Franchises - 
before you invest, learn from our resident multi-millionaire franchise coach

6. Fund It All - 
learn how to create & use a banking technique that causes the average get ahead and the rich get richer

7. Building a Solid Foundation Teams & Systems - 
golden nuggets over decades of rich experience in real estate, franchising, and beyond to create a life-changing residual income

Each area is taught by an expert currently enjoying passive income in the space! (may not be presented in this order)
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